Global Vegetation Project

Imagine being able to explore vegetation anywhere in the world, anytime. We are building an open-access database of georeferenced vegetation photos set in their global climatic context.

To view the map of open-access vegetation photos and to contribute photos of your own, please visit

We require the following information:

1. Photo of plant community (or landscape)
2. Photo credit (name of photographer)
3. Place name (location, trail name, etc.)
4. Geographical coordinates (the app will use the coordinates from your photo)
5. Vegetation type (i.e., what you call the plant community)
6. Dominant species (at least one) in the vegetation

Here is an example of the type of photo and the scale of interest:
Fire Point in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona USA (Daniel Laughlin)
Vegetation type: Montane conifer forest
Species: Pinus ponderosa, Poa fendleriana, Castilleja linariifolia