Loïc Chalmandrier
Postdoctoral Scholar developing trait-based species interaction models







Alice Stears
PhD student: How do functional traits mediate plant responses to inter-annual climate variability in western US ecosystems?







Former students in the lab:

Kiri Wallace PhD student: Urban Restoration Ecology: Investigating environmental change, ecological function, and enrichment planting

Adam Purcell MSc thesis: Plant traits in the ephemeral wetlands of the MacKenzie Basin

Claudia Lyons BScHonours thesis: Leaf and wood decomposition rates

Angela Simpson MSc thesis: Leaf and wood traits along a broad climatic gradient in New Zealand

Kris Kramer-Walter MSc thesis: Fine root traits of the indigenous trees of New Zealand

Melissa Jager MSc thesis: Plant traits and community assembly in an old-growth kauri forest

Robert Strahan PhD thesis: A functional trait perspective on demography, community assembly, and response to long-term grazing

Zach Bastow Undergraduate research assistant

Justy Leppert Undergraduate research assistant

Celebratory high-five after collecting the highest elevation leaf and wood trait samples on Fremont Peak on the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona (3648 m)