Select 1.4
Laughlin, D.C., and L. Chalmandrier. 2018. Select: Determines Species Probabilities Based on Functional Traits. R package version 1.4.

  • Restoration ecologists aim to re-establish diverse, functioning communities. This R package produces a species assemblage (i.e., a species relative abundance distribution) based on a user-defined functional trait profile. The species abundances can converge on specific community-weighted mean trait values and this function can simultaneously maximize functional diversity.

Traitspace 1.1
Joshi, C., X. Li, D.C. Laughlin. 2015. Traitspace: A predictive model for trait based community assembly of plant species. R package version 1.1.

  • This R package predicts relative abundances of species based on the relationship between traits and environments and variation in functional traits within and among species. It can be used to test the importance of traits during environmental filtering.